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  • Mission Statement

    The great promise I am able to make to you is that you will get healthy and fit, very fit, in just two visits per week. Though I encourage outdoor exercise and yoga, you need not do anything other than Frontier Movement. You will get very fit while working for only 1 hour, twice a week. You will become physically strong and cardiovascularly fit. This will very likely happen faster than at any other point in your life despite your having gone to a gym three, four, or even five days per week.

    The movements will come to your level whether you are a couch potato or a jock. After a session you will experience a ’high” that is unfamiliar to most people, even athletes. You will have more energy. You will sleep better. Your attitude will improve. Your ability to handle stress will increase markedly. You will be more flexible, not less, as with weight machines. Old injury sites will present themselves and clear up beyond easy explanation. After six months, many positive things will show up on your next medical check-up even if you had been working out prior to joining us.
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  • An Exciting Workout

    When you come through the doors of Frontier Movement you will see a COMPLETELY different floor plan every session. It is as if we are setting up a playground with different games every day. We do not repeat a workout within a period of at least SIX MONTHS. This means that NO MOVEMENTS are repeated during that six month period.

    Currently we are using over 700 unique movements. I often refer to these as “skills” because many of them are just that. In 2005 my gym was filled with the largest collection of weight machines in the southeast. Often parents would bring their children who would quietly sit in the corner and watch videos, read or play electronic games. They were totally uninterested in the gym except to occasionally try to climb on top of one of the machines. I had many clients who were pretty bored by the “machine walkaround” workouts as well. I tried my best to make them interesting with a variety of “off machine” moves such as lunges, squats, planks, etc. But after many years, I was bored and so were my clients.
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  • For Adults!

    In 2006 I made a huge shift at my gym. I sold the weight machines and began a workout that was exciting and challenging for everyone. The majority of my clients followed me into this new adventure and this gave me a unique perspective into the two different types of training. I did not just completely change my entire way of training, I did it with the same group of people. These folks had been my clients for seven or eight or even ten years prior to this change. Now, better than ten years into Frontier Movement, I can tell you the change has been profound.

    As you move around this website I hope you can feel the excitement that we feel. Today I have a balanced practice with people of all ages participating in the fun, but when I made the big change, the majority of my clients were between 40 and 60. I was bored and they were bored. Many were showing the signs of age, with nagging hips, knees, necks and backs. I referred the ones with pain to yoga, pilates, gyrotonics, chiropractors and massage. While these modalities helped, and definitely have their place in my life and that of my clients, the majority of the individuals would re-aggravate the same spot every six months or year if they were active.
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  • For Children & Teens!

    In our society, children learn quickly to “stay in their place.” Their “place” may be the “nerd,” the “jock,” the “fat kid,” the “funny kid,” the “good kid,” or “the dumb kid.” Of course, most parents want the “nice, healthy, happy, and smart kid,” yet find their child starring in only one or two of these positive life roles.

    In 1981, I started a cycling program that included many young people. It was not possible to put even a tenth of them on my cycling team. Year after year, I would watch the kids riding and pick those with the most desire and, what I thought was, God-given talent. My then business, Out-Spokin’ Bicycles, was booming and I had little time for the other kids. Truthfully, I though a lot of them were rather “hopeless” and could never become good athletes. I was taught this by my coaches and society had re-enforced my belief. I WAS WRONG.

    When I began youth classes in Frontier Movement work, I offered after school classes for 7 to 11 year olds and another class for teens. Immediately the kids fell into their “roles.” One tried to be funny, one tried to know everything before I finished explaining a movement, the overweight kid would give up without trying, and the jock would kick their butts! Often, chaos would rule the day as everyone stuck to their defined roles.
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  • For Seniors!

    Here is a story often told. My grandmother had hip pain. She would complain about it occasionally and nobody thought too much about it. One day she fell and broke her hip. The hip wouldn’t heal very well and soon she had a walker, then a wheel chair. At least 30% of my clients who have witnessed the decline of their grandparents and parents tell a similar story. I see the beginnings of this in most new clients over the age of 45. The good news is changing the outcome of this story is within everyone’s grasp. The bad news is that this might be your story if you do not get moving!

    The old adage “use it or lose it” comes to mind. When we start with 70- and 80-year-old clients who have been sedentary we often find they cannot raise their arms over their head without pain. We find simple motor skills in sharp decline. Very few, if any can, squat all the way down, butt to ground. Their spines are stiff and the forward stoop (kyphosis) is often well under way. They have pains in their backs, legs shoulders, neck—you name it! Occasionally we see many of theses same symptoms in sedentary 60-somethings as well.
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  • About Chris Hardwicke

    In 1970, Chris applied for a job at Bicycle Center of Columbia in 5 Points and despite his lack of experience, owner Nick Miller gave him a job. It was there he first saw a professional racing bicycle and he met Phil Tomlin. Phil was a bicycle racer and quickly interested Chris in going to a local bicycle race. Having always been athletic, he expected to do well in such a small event. As Chris remembers, “I was soundly beaten by young children and old ladies.” So begins the next 20 years of his life.

    He designed a relentless training program with Phil including a fast 100 miles every Thursday on their day off. Soon the duo were handily winning the local races. They each applied for a racing license and began to travel around South Carolina entering Category 4 races. At that time, Category 4 races were for statewide competitors and in order to move up to Category 3, one had to win three races or place in the Top three in six races in a single racing season. The same was true for the move to Category 2, which consisted of racers who traveled the entire southern region.
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